The team at Peavine Animal Hospital provides up-to-date and essential veterinary medical services for pet patients.

Services and Standards of Care

Patient Comfort

Patient comfort is a priority for us. Our pet patients are made comfortable with blankets or towels, in spacious kennels. Water and/or food is also provided for patients not undergoing procedures. All pets undergoing anesthetic procedures are monitored by a technician throughout recovery and discharge. And of course, we love sharing lots of TLC!


  • Each of our Veterinarians is proficient and experienced in a wide variety of pet surgeries.

  • Fresh, sterilized surgery packs are used for each patient.

  • Surgeries are performed in our clean and enclosed operating rooms.


  • Each patient undergoing anesthesia must have pre-anesthetic blood-work before the scheduled surgical or dental procedure. All surgical and dental procedures will be performed under appropriate anesthesia. These requirements are not optional.

  • Our Licensed Veterinary Technicians will monitor each patient for blood pressure, EKG, oxygen, temperature, and anesthesia levels throughout each procedure.

Pain Management

  • All inpatient and outpatient procedures will be managed using best-practice pain relief, including anti-inflammatory prescriptions, epidurals, and local nerve block anesthetics.

  • We maintain a fully-stocked pharmacy in our hospital.

  • We also provide Class IV Therapeutic Laser treatments. Laser therapy is administered by technicians for post-operative pain management and healing, treating chronic wounds, injuries, sprains, and arthritis.


  • Bad breath, loose or broken teeth, yellow or brown stains and red/bleeding gums are signs of oral disease. Oral disease can lead to infections that often spread through the bloodstream to internal organs.

  • Treating and healing oral disease leads to greater overall health for pets.

  • All dental procedures include required full-mouth x-rays.

Preventive Care

Rather than wait for problems to occur, we promote life-long wellness care. The following services are the most important for preventive care:

  • Annual physical exams provide baseline information for comparison as pets age.

  • Vaccinations will be scheduled to provide comprehensive protection for each pet.

  • Dental Exams are vital, since 70% of adult cats and 80% of adult dogs have oral disease.

  • Parasite Prevention in Northern Nevada has become a necessity, due to a recent rise in cases of heartworm and tick related diseases. We recommend year-round protection, since many parasites are zoonotic, meaning they can spread from animals to humans.

  • Annual bloodwork screening provides an internal baseline and can help our veterinarians diagnose, treat, and manage many health conditions before they advance. Remember, our fur babies age significantly faster than humans, so annual bloodwork is a timely, preventive goal!

Diagnostic Services help our veterinarians understand pets’ overall health and detect health threats. We use the following, as indicated, for the well-being of our patients.

  • Blood tests

  • Urine tests

  • Fecal tests

  • Parasite tests

  • Digital x-rays

  • Skin Scrapings and Cytology

  • Ultrasound is available through a mobile specialist

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